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Ube Haze Matcha


  • 8 oz Hope and Sesame Barista Blend Sesame Milk

  • 1 tsp Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder

  • 2 oz Hot Water

  • 1 tsp Ube Extract/Flavoring

  • Sweetener, to taste

  • Ice Cubes

  • ¼ cup of Bijoux Bubbles (optional)


  1. Combine Hope and Sesame Barista Blend Sesame Milk with Ube extract.

  2. Whisk sifted matcha and hot water until matcha is completely dissolved.

  3. Add sweetener, if desired.

  4. Add Bijoux Bubbles to the glass, followed by ice cubes. Top off with the Ube Barista Blend mix.

  5. Add matcha by slowly pouring it over the back of a spoon. This will create beautiful, defined layers.

  6. Add a boba straw, sip, and enjoy!

Recipe Note

Sweeten this drink to taste with any sweetener you prefer - we like adding lavender syrup!


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