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Why IMACK Coffee?

Collectively Sourced Beans

We import green coffee beans from over 20 countries. Our buyers' expertise ranges from applying sustainable growing practices to milling. We choose to work with cooperatives, small, and single holder farms. They are noted for their profound commitment to conserving the health of the environment, managing waste, building schools, and their conscious consumption of natural resources. This is so important to us!

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Storing in Green Rooms

We all know Colorado is a dry climate. Coffee has a moisture content that when dried, changes the taste and roast profiles. Unlike most roasters, IMACK does not store a lot of green coffee in our facility, With climate controlled warehouses "Green Rooms" there is no need. Humidity levels are kept below 65%. We pull our inventory on a weekly basis ensuring our coffee is at its peak freshness.

Image by Battlecreek Coffee Roasters

The Tradition of Small Batch Roasting

We roast our beans in the Mile-High City. This gives us a natural edge. Not only does it take longer to bake or cook at high altitudes, it also takes longer to roast a batch of coffee. We do not alter the natural process by increasing heat to meet time goals. Our goal is simply a great cup of coffee. We roast to bring out the beans unique characteristics and true flavor. As a result, our coffees offer a smooth & natural cup that you can taste the difference.

Freshness is Key

Everything we do is to bring you a coffee unlike any other. So why store it? We don't. It is delivered to you within 48 hours of being roasted.

Coffee Roasting Machine

Choosing Coffee

Choosing the right coffee can be daunting as you navigate roasts, blends, and flavors. Luckily, we've got you covered with all the information you need!


Coffee aroma is the fragrance of coffee. From grind to brew, how it smells to you. Typical coffee aromas include flowery, fruity, herbs, nutty, chocolaty, spicy... Aroma peaks in intensity with medium roasts.



Often misunderstood, neither acidic or sour. It has nothing to do with the amount of acid or pH. The acidity of coffee has a brisk, bright, tangy, fruity, or wine-like flavor characteristics. This is often found in many high grown Arabica coffees. The darker the roast the less acidic it becomes.

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Body is how the coffee feels in your mouth. It is the physical mouth feel and texture of the coffee. It is a sensation. Does it feel heavy, light, buttery, gritty, smooth, thin, strong, watery... Medium to dark roasts have increased bodies but with very dark roasts the body decreases and becomes thin.

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Often experienced with our blends. Complexity is the existence of many sensations. It is a array of flavors existing together like acidity and sweetness, chocolate with hints of berry. Our espresso is designed to increase complexity. Complexity peaks at medium roasts.

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This is the lingering sensations after the coffee has been swallowed. They can be chocolaty, short, spicy, floral, tangy, sweet, clean, etc.

Coffee Dripper

The Flavor Wheel Glossary

To the right, we have what we call The Flavor Wheel Glossary that was put together by the Specialty Coffee Association of America aka (SCAA). This can help train coffee growers, roasters, sellers, and brewers when it comes to figuring out the exact taste or aroma of a good coffee. 


For example, an aroma that could be classified under "spicy" could lead to what most would say "strong" can now be “warming", with notes of "cedar and clove.”

Light, Medium or Dark?

Coffee is complex, let's not complicate the roast names. They all fall into a light, medium, or dark roast categories. As your coffee knowledge grows and your journey progresses you can get more into terminology.

Light Roast Coffees (City Roast)

Light brown in color, oils do not appear. They have more acidity. You are able to identify the character distinctions of the coffee most clearly.

Coffee Cups

Medium Roast Coffees (Full City)

Medium roasts are the American norm. A medium brown, less acidity and more body. You can start to taste some of the roasting. More nutty, caramelly, & chocolaty.

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Dark Roast Coffees

Here we have Dark, French, Italian. Oils are abundant. In dark's, we have nice bodies and intense flavors. With French, bodies are thin but have rich and hearty flavors. Our Italian is the darkest with strong earthy smoke flavors.

Image by Jo Lanta

Now you're ready to choose the coffee that is right for you! 

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