IMACK Coffee

A Colorado Coffee Roaster & Wholesale Distributor

Denver, CO

Who we are

IMACK Coffee is a family owned and operated wholesale coffee roaster. IMACK is derived from the names of each member of our family. Founded in 2003, we started out of our garage while working full time. With the help of our customers, the business took off. We out grew the garage, our 1st warehouse and, with the help of our loyal customers, we purchased our current facility.

Our Passion

IMACK Coffee is dedicated to bringing quality products and services to our customers. All coffees are roasted to each customers’ order while maintaining the tradition of small batch roasting. We roast all coffee to the level at which we believe brings out the bean’s unique characteristics and true flavor.  IMACK invites you to sample some of the finest specialty coffee available.

Our Mission

Helping our customers grow their business. IMACK offers exceptional customer service as well as an extensive list of the finest products with excellent competitive pricing.


Many companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. At IMACK, we feel we have done a great job! We have reduced our waste to a couple of biodegradable bags per month. Those bags are mainly floor sweepings consisting of sand and dust. These are the simple steps we follow:

  • BURLAP COFFEE BAGS: Recycled and re-purposed

  • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Our 5 lb coffee bags are biodegradable

  • INK & TONER: Recycled

  • BOXES: Reused until no longer good then recycled

  • PALLETS: Reused and given to individuals supporting their families by repairing them and selling to companies that will reuse them creating a cycle that saves trees

  • SHRINK WRAP: The plastic film that all pallets are wrapped - recycled

  • COFFEE GRINDS: Composted

  • POLLUTION PREVENTION: We believe in using a thermal oxidizer afterburner. This unit takes the harmful smoke from the roaster and makes it clean.